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June 23, 2020 | CAA Insurance

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This summer, your upcoming travel plans may look a little different. Whether you’re planning a cottage getaway or the ultimate staycation, CAA Travel Insurance1 still protects your adventures, no matter how close to home. CAA Travel Insurance now provides In-Province Virtual Emergency Medical Assistance2 for all Multi-Trip Plan policyholders at no additional charge.

What is Virtual Emergency Medical Assistance?

From the comfort of your own home, Virtual Emergency Medical Assistance allows you to video conference a licensed Canadian doctor to address minor medical ailments like rashes, migraines or allergic reactions. During the call, the doctor can issue prescriptions, which often eliminates a visit to the emergency room or urgent care.

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How does Virtual Emergency Medical Assistance work?

All CAA Travel Insurance Multi-Trip Plan policyholders are eligible for up to four virtual visits while in their home province. If you encounter a minor medical emergency and decide to take advantage of this benefit, you’d simply call CAA Assistance. On the call, a CAA Assistance advisor will ask a series of triage questions, then offering the option to seek medical assistance via video conference. You will then be connected to a licensed Canadian doctor who will address your situation accordingly.

Mom calling CAA Assistance with young child

How does Virtual Emergency Medical Assistance benefit you?

Imagine you’re at the cottage when suddenly your five-year-old develops an itchy, red rash. You could go to urgent care, but you may be worried about possibly exposing your child to other infections, and there’s always a long wait. Because, you have access to In-Province Virtual Emergency Medical Assistance you decide to call CAA Assistance. You’re able to have a video call with a licensed Canadian doctor who identifies the rash as poison ivy. The doctor prescribes topical cream which can be picked up from the local pharmacy, and your minor medical emergency is solved without leaving your home away from home.

Is Virtual Emergency Medical Assistance different than Telehealth Ontario?

Yes, Virtual Emergency Medical Assistance is quite different than the service provided by Telehealth Ontario. With Virtual Emergency Medical Assistance, you’re able to video conference with a licensed Canadian doctor who can issue prescriptions over the call. Whereas Telehealth Ontario’s service offers a phone call with a registered nurse, who is unable to issue prescriptions.

No matter how near or far your travels take you, CAA Travel Insurance is committed to protecting you and your family. To learn more about CAA Travel Insurance get a quote online or call 1-800-263-7272 to speak to a travel insurance expert.

1CAA Travel Insurance is underwritten by Orion Travel Insurance Company, a CAA Company. Certain exclusions, limitations and restrictions apply. Subject to change without notice. A Medical Questionnaire may be required to purchase travel insurance.
2 CAA Assistance is provided by Active Care Management Inc. Virtual Emergency Medical Assistance availability may vary depending on geographical locations and current emergency medical condition. In-Province virtual assistance is limited to four (4) calls per insured per policy term.

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