Don't Let Halloween Haunts Distract You: Drive Safely!

October 24, 2023 | Rhiannon Fleming



Halloween night is not just about trick-or-treating; it often involves driving to various locations for parties, haunted houses, and other spooky adventures. This post focuses on road safety for families during this thrilling holiday. 

Be Visible: 
When travelling on Halloween night, ensure your vehicle is visible to others. Check that all lights, including headlights, taillights, and turn signals, are functioning correctly. Keep headlights on even before it gets dark to increase visibility.  

Watch for Pedestrians:
Pedestrians may not always use crosswalks or follow traffic rules on Halloween. Be vigilant and expect children to cross the road at unexpected places. Slow down near parked cars, as children might emerge from between them. 

Slow Down: 
With excited trick-or-treaters running about, it's crucial to reduce your speed. Drive below the posted speed limit and be prepared to stop suddenly. Be extra cautious in residential neighborhoods, where children may dart out unexpectedly. 

Avoid Distractions: 
Distracted driving is always dangerous, but it's especially so on Halloween. Keep your focus on the road and put away your phone. Avoid eating or adjusting the radio while driving. 

Use Designated Drivers: 
If you plan to attend Halloween parties or events that involve alcohol, make sure you have a designated driver. Never drink and drive, as it endangers not only your family but also other road users. 

Remember, Halloween can be a night of spooky fun, but practicing road safety is essential for keeping your family and others safe during the festivities. 

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