CAA Insurance can help steer auto insurance savings your way

April 28, 2020 | Guest Contributor

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Are you following the COVID-19 instructions to stay home as much as you can? If you are, then you’re likely not driving as much as you used to. Car experts suggest starting your engine every week to keep your battery charged. Those occasional grocery runs can accomplish this, or just leaving your car running for a few minutes (outside the garage, of course) will do the trick. With all this decreased driving, could you be saving on your auto insurance?

The simple answer is yes, and CAA Insurance has some ways to start steering those savings your way.

Check the details of your current auto insurance policy.

A licensed CAA Insurance Agent can guide you through this – even if you’re insured with another provider. See if you can change your usage from daily use to pleasure use, modify your coverage or deductible amount, remove any cars that aren’t being driven at all. These can all represent potential savings for you.

See if you can save by bundling your home and auto insurance.

While other providers may offer bundled savings, CAA Insurance offers savings of up to 12.5% off home insurance and 5% off auto insurance when you combine them under one roof. Plus, if you’re a CAA Member, you can save even more.

See if you are eligible for any membership-affiliated savings.

You may get extra savings through your employer, school, team, club, union or other membership. While you don’t have to be a CAA Member to have CAA Auto Insurance, you would enjoy up to 20% savings on your insurance for being a Member.

See if your insurance provider has innovative ways to help you save.

CAA MyPace™ pay-as-you-go insurance works by charging you a base rate, and then providing coverage in 1,000 kilometre increments. This way, you pay for only the distance you drive – ideal for now, when you’re not driving much! If your current provider doesn’t offer something like this, it may be worth changing over to CAA MyPace™, since the savings can be pretty substantial over traditional insurance plans. Another plus is that you can switch to traditional CAA Auto Insurance without fees or penalties once we get back to “business as usual”, and the need for driving more returns.

CAA Insurance is providing a 10% rate reduction on new and renewing home and auto insurance policies.

This is just one of the ways that CAA Insurance is helping Ontarians facing financial challenges, as a result of these extraordinary times. This rate reduction applies to all CAA Auto and Home Insurance policies effective April 15, 2020 and all renewal policies effective June 15, 2020; it can be combined with any other savings CAA offers. The reduction is valid for your full policy term and is available until the pandemic is over.

Here’s how your CAA Insurance savings could look:

  • You have CAA Auto and Home Insurance and an annual premium of $3,000. You would save $300.
  • You have CAA Auto Insurance and an annual premium of $1,600. You would save $160.
  • You are paying $1,000 annually with CAA MyPace and are already saving about 40% over the cost of traditional insurance. You would save an additional $100.

If your existing CAA Insurance policy isn’t up for renewal yet, please complete this online form to request your rate reduction. Other providers may be offering different savings, so be sure to explore all your options. To arrange for your complimentary policy review by a licensed CAA Insurance Agent, please call 1-877-468-6222.

For more information, please visit the CAA Insurance FAQ page.

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