5 strategies to cope with uncertain times

April 14, 2020 | Jacqueline Anderson

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For many, sudden changes in our lifestyle leave us with a heightened sense of anxiety. Though anxiousness caused by uncertainty is normal and healthy, some of us have trouble managing this feeling. From practicing compassion to connecting virtually with loved ones, discover key strategies to regain a sense of control and overcome feelings associated with uncertainty.

Stay on a routine

Do your best to maintain a daily routine that prioritizes adequate sleep, physical activity, time spent outside, and eating nutritious foods. Setting a schedule for yourself can make a big difference to your mental health and allow you to focus on one task at a time.

Consume news content mindfully

Though it may be hard to look away from the 24-hour news cycle, consider limiting time spent consuming content each day. Be more aware of how long you spend not only watching TV, but also scrolling through social media, and reading news alerts. Doing so may help you manage your thoughts and reduce stress.

It's also important to 'flex' your media literacy skills by investigating the credibility of information you see on your feeds before clicking 'share'. 

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Reach out for connection (virtually)

In uncertain times it is healthy to crave connection, especially if you are working or living in isolation. Prioritize chatting with friends and family by phone or on a video conferencing app.

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Channel emotions into creative expression

Whether you consider yourself creative or not, channeling your feelings into a task, such as drawing, music, writing, or gardening may help you cope with your emotions. For some, using feelings as fuel for creative tasks may be beneficial. 

Accept and acknowledge your feelings

Do yourself a favor and avoid layering guilt on to whatever emotions you are experiencing. In times of uncertainty, it's normal to feel scared and anxious. Acknowledge those feelings and give yourself time to process each change.

It may be beneficial to speak to loved ones, however if you feel that additional support is needed, the following resources are available:

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