Winter Emergency Car Kit and Driving Aids

November 28, 2022 | CAA Niagara


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Canadian weather can be unpredictable, especially in the winter. This year's first snowfall snuck up on us at the beginning of November, leaving many of us unprepared. Though you may already have your winter tires on, a snow-covered or icy street can have a mind of its own. That’s why it’s a good idea to have the proper supplies in your car in case of an emergency situation.

We've compiled a list of the top items to have on-hand while out on the road this winter.

First Aid Kit

A comprehensive first aid kit is a must. Your kit should include bandages, instant ice and heat packs, scissors, gauze, adhesive tape, pain relievers, and a topical antiseptic cream. Be sure to also include personal prescriptions if necessary.

Winter Attire

Keeping a sweatshirt, reflective vest, hat, gloves, and other warm and highly visible clothing in your trunk can be a lifesaver when the temperature drops and you’re stuck in your car without a working heater.

Flashlight with Extra Batteries

A flashlight is one of the most important things to have in case of an emergency! Sometimes you need to shine a little light on the situation without wearing down your car’s battery — or when the battery is dead. Staying inside your vehicle and shining a bright flashlight out the window can also draw attention to you when you need it most. Make sure to pack extra batteries in case the ones inside the flashlight are drained.

Windshield Scraper, Snow Brush and Collapsible Shovel

Remove snow, ice, and dew from all of your car windows and side mirrors to ensure you can see clearly while driving. Make sure to also remove all the snow off the top of your car and clear all lights. A shovel can come in handy to get your car out of some snowy situations.

Winter-Grade Washer Fluid

You don't want to run out of washer fluid, especially if you'll be driving longer distances and in areas where it's not easy to find a gas station or automotive shop. Having extra winter-grade washer fluid on hand will help keep your car clear of rain, snow, and splashing from other cars. 

Mobile Phone Charger or Portable Battery Charger

You should never use your phone while driving, but if your car slides into a ditch or you're stranded on the roadside, a fully charged phone will be your best friend.

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CAA Membership Card or CAA Mobile App

Most importantly, make sure to pack your CAA Membership card - whether it's in your wallet or on your phone. Members can request roadside assistance online, by calling 1-800-263-3616, or through the CAA Mobile app. Using the Mobile app allows Members to track the status of their call in real-time, and allows Members to cancel a service request with the simple tap of a button. 

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