Time fries when you're eating poutine

April 11, 2018 | Lauren Arva

If you’re a true Canadian, you know that it’s hard to go wrong with poutine. It’s the perfect combination of salty, savory goodness, and although the classic combination of fries, cheese curds and gravy is symbolic of a legacy, there are some other inventive ways to enjoy this tasty dish.

Poutine and forks

Sweet Potato Poutine: Featuring everything that makes a poutine great, but with sweet potato fries as opposed to regular fries. Is it reasonable to count sweet potato poutine as a serving of veggies? Asking for a friend.

Poutine Pizza: Essentially, this creation pairs two absolute classic comfort foods, creating a heavenly dish in the process. Just picture a pizza crust with cheese, but with gravy instead of tomato sauce and French fries instead of pepperoni. *drool*

Baked Potato Poutine: This poutine variation incorporates all things that make a signature poutine, but instead of layering cheese curds and gravy over top of a bed of fries, a baked potato serves as a base. It’s worth suggesting that this version may be less messy, but a key sign of a good poutine involves sticky fingers.

Greek Style Poutine: Poutine may be a Canadian classic, but the Greek version brings Kalamata olives, Greek cheese and chorizo sausage to the table. Did I mention that there’s Greek cheese and chorizo involved?

Pierogi Poutine: Yes, you read this correctly; pierogi poutine exists. Picture cheese curds, gravy, sour cream, onions and crispy bacon bits sprinkled over top of a bed of soft, delicious pierogis. You might need to wear sweat pants to tackle this one, folks.

Dessert Poutine: Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better. With churros for fries, caramel for gravy, and a cinnamon marshmallow topping for cheese, I’m willing to bet you’ll make room for dessert.

Pulled Pork and Waffle Poutine: Waffle fries, barbeque pulled pork, cheese curds and coleslaw all wrapped in one giant bundle of deliciousness. What more could you ask for?

It’s quite apparent that the options are endless when it comes to poutine, and they provide ample opportunity to be creative. Next time you’re thinking of grabbing a poutine, try living on the edge and order something out of the box. You may surprise yourself!

If the classic poutine is where your heart resides, make sure the fries are hot and slightly crunchy, that the cheese curds you’re using are of the best quality, and that the flavour of your gravy is spot-on. If you’re going to create a classic Canadian poutine, you should do it right.

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