Three common road safety issues to keep top-of-mind

March 29, 2021 | Devon Gribble

Distracted driver with phone in his hands

As summer approaches, many of us look forward to embracing the warm temperatures by getting outside. Whether you're taking your vehicle out for a spin or going for a walk around the block, now is the time to freshen up on road safety. No matter your activity of choice, ignoring these common safety issues can quickly ruin your outdoor fun. 

Distracted Driving

For many, distracted driving has become synonymous with cellphone use. While cellphones do cause distractions while driving, this is really only the tip of the iceberg as there are a variety of activities that fall into this classification. From applying make-up to eating food, changing the radio to talking to a passenger in the back seat, if it takes your mind and, more importantly, eyes off the road, it is a distraction.

As a driver, do your best to avoid distractions ahead of time. For example, plan ahead and have your GPS ready to go before pulling out of the driveway, or get ready and eat at home. Failing to do so could lead to a hefty fine or worse. 

Cyclist Safety

With the days getting longer and brighter, there is definitely an uptick in bikes out lately. Motorists and cyclists can help make our roads safer by ensuring we know our responsibilities. Just like you would for a car, it is important to properly share the road with cyclists. Make sure you keep a safe distance when trailing a bike or are passing a rider who is on the shoulder or bike lane of the road. Also, be patient as cyclists will almost always be travelling at far less speeds than motorists.

As a helpful tip, we recommend learning the common hand signals cyclists use so you can better anticipate their next move.  

Take the quiz! CAA has designed an interactive road test with safe cycling tips and advice for parents and their kids. Click here to learn more. 

School Zone Speeds

Whether class is in session or not, you should always act with precaution when driving through a school zone. Even if you are running late, it is an absolute must to abide by the speeds posted in these zones. This is something to keep in mind especially if you are in an unfamiliar area. Fortunately, signage is always set up to give you plenty of notice of an upcoming school zone. This will allow you to lower your speed if necessary and help keep everyone around you safe. 

No matter where the roads take you, always approach them with caution. The more focused we all become on these issues, the better. Visit us here for more information on how you can practice safe driving.

Are there roadways in your neighborhood or along your commute that could use improved infrastructure such as bike lanes or sidewalks? Help pave the way to safer roads by voting for the this year's CAA Worst Road

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