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November 26, 2020 | Jeremy Delacruz

The beginning of the Holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year. Most of us usually hit up the big box stores to shop and popular chains to dine, however we tend to forget about the small businesses that make up our communities. This blog will go over a few of my favorite small businesses in Niagara. Be sure to visit them this season and remember to shop local!

Gaming Gators

A go-to for the gamer and games-lover in your life.                                                             

Gaming Gators started off a weekend hobby and turned into a full out brick and mortar. They started off with a humble flea market stand; offering deals and hard to get video games to bargain hunters. As the stand grew in popularity, they decided to take a shot and do this full-time. A few years later, they now have two stores in Niagara where you can find rare video games and gaming systems. Not a gamer? There are plenty of tree ornaments shaped like video games!  CAA Members Save 10% on pre-owned video games.



Making it easier to celebrate an occasion or be a weeknight treat.

Their ready- to-go cheese boxes full of your favourite artisans’ cheese and meats. CHZ PLZ handcrafts their own preserves and even uses their shop to help promote other local suppliers by selling their products. CAA Members Save 15%.


Bistro Mirepoix

Big city feels found in the heart of St. Catharines.

They pride themselves on providing guests with fresh meals sourced from local indigents and bread that is made in house. They even have a garden in the back where they grow some of the herbs that you will see on your plate. They might not be the biggest restaurant, but they are mighty. Visit their website to view their takeout menu. 



Anita Gelato

Proud to present you with a classic Italian treat.

Not only is the gelato made fresh in Niagara, but the team at Anita Gelato sources most of their ingredients  from local vendors. With fruit from Quiet Acres and DeVries Farms, nuts from Grimo Nut Nursery, and cakes and cookies from bakers like Treats By Reese and Café Fifty Four they are a perfect example of what it means to support small businesses. Buy five pints and receive one free pint as a CAA Member!



Local is best.

Oddbird is a very welcoming spot. Whether you come in for a great bistro meal or are feeling a drink and chicken sandwich they want you to feel right at home. They source their food from a local farm and tailor their menu to whatever produce is in season. They are not afraid to push the envelope in the culinary world. With different plates that rotate throughout the year, they have something for everyone. Visit Odd Bird's Instagram to view their takeout menu. 

Shopping local is a great way to support your community. Whether it be at one of CAA Niagara’s local Rewards Partners or your favourite small business, it's never been more important to support Niagara's small business community. 

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