The 6 must-have travel apps for 2019

July 23, 2019 | CAA Travel

When it comes to vacation, many travellers rely on their smartphone or device not only for a source of inspiration, but also for planning excursions and navigating their destination. If you're like us, one of the most exciting parts of a vacation is preparing your smart device for the onslaught of new travel apps. 


Our travel experts have compiled a list of their must-have apps for 2019. Whether you're using iOS or Android, these travel apps are sure to reduce stress and improve your trip.

Must-have travel apps

WiFi Finder

There's no bigger concern than being able to find a secure WiFi connection when travelling. WiFi Finder solves this issue by creating a map of the closest verified public WiFi hotspots, wherever you go. The functionality of an offline map ensures that you won't be searching for a wireless connection when you arrive at your destination. 

XE Currency Converter

If you're like most travellers and can't figure out what the conversion of an Egyptian pound is to Canadian dollars, the XE Currency exchange app is a helpful tool. For added convenience, app users can build a customized dashboard of up to 10 currencies. 


Featuring GPS style navigation powered by Google Maps, nearby gas prices, points of interest, and CAA Rewards® partner locations, the CAA app offers everything you need for your next trip. Plus, Members can save their travel and insurance agent information, and call them directly from the app.

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Adjusting to a different time zone has never been easier with Timeshifter. A must-have for those who struggle with the negative effects of jet lag, Timeshifter sends advice to users, such as when to avoid caffeine or bright light. You can even practice with the app before departure, improving your overall adjustment to your destination. As a paid app, Timeshifter is ideal for frequent travellers.


No matter how busy you think you might be on your trip, there's always a chance to relax with your favourite book. Kindle offers book lovers the option of bringing their favourite reads to their destination, without the hassle of lugging 10 hardbacks around. For those without a Kindle device, the Kindle app puts a world of books at your fingertips, including popular newspapers and magazines. 

The Kindle app also syncs with your Amazon account, making it even easier to shop for your next eBook. 

Google Translate

A well-known Google app, Google Translate is a great travel companion for those who might struggle with a language barrier. Without Wifi? Translate any language when you're offline by downloading a translation file to your device. Users can search common phrases, translate conversations and written text, and so much more. 


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