Fall Car Battery Care: Everything You Need to Know

October 12, 2021 | Deena Grabowski

Car on asphalt road on autumn day at park. Colored leaves lying under the wheels of the vehicle.

As the days grow shorter and autumn leaves begin to fall, it’s not only the perfect time to pull out your favorite scarf, but also a great time to make sure your car is ready for the chilly weather that lies ahead.

Summer May Have Damaged Your Battery

The long, hot summer takes a toll on your car battery. As the sun beats down, temperatures under the hood can reach up to 170 degrees! Scorching heat increases corrosion inside the battery and shortens its lifespan. By the time sweater weather has arrived, your battery may be starting to lose its charge. Cars have a harder time starting in colder temperatures, so it’s important to have your battery tested before winter. Without a little preventative maintenance in early fall, you may wind up stuck with a dead battery (and no pumpkin spice latte) after the first cold snap!

Warning Signs Your Battery is Dying

Ideally, the best time to replace your battery is before it dies. So how can you tell if your car battery is nearing the end of its life? Common red flags that your battery may be reaching the end of its life include:

  • Check engine light is on
  • Engine is slow to start
  • Lights are dim
  • Onboard electrical components are not working as usual (e.g., radio, power windows, heated seats, cell phone charger, etc.)
  • Something smells foul (like rotten eggs) under the hood
  • The battery case is swollen or cracked
  • Your battery is three to five years old

Fall Car Battery Care

Before there’s frost on the pumpkin, call CAA to schedule a car battery inspection at your home, office, or wherever is most convenient for you. A professional Battery Service Technician comes to your door to make sure your vehicle is ready to go when you are!

The Technician performs a complete diagnostic test of your charging system, and checks that the battery connections are clean, tight, and free of corrosion. Then, if needed, the Technician can replace your battery on the spot. All CAA batteries come with a six-year warranty (three years free replacement).

Fall car battery care, performed by a CAA Battery Service Technician, means you can relax and take a drive among the fall foliage with the assurance that your engine will start quickly from the Harvest Moon till the Spring Equinox and beyond.

To schedule a battery inspection call 1-800-CAA-HELP or visit caaniagara.ca/battery. Discover more great automotive tips from CAA experts here.

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