How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Vacation

March 1, 2022 | Devon Gribble

Airplane made of grass

From life changing views and natural wonders to unique animals and thriving forests, the list of Mother Nature's incredible marvels is endless. Of course, if we want to preserve our beautiful planet, it's important that we consider implementing different eco-friendly practices into our daily lives. The same can also be said for when we head out on a trip – just because you're on vacation, doesn't mean you should take a break from protecting the planet. Keep reading and make note of our top tips that you should consider before taking off on your next adventure. 

Pack Light

It's understandable to want to bring your entire wardrobe with you, but being a little more practical when packing is definitely the way to go. If possible, try sticking to a carry-on. Not only will this help you avoid having to wait for your belongings at the luggage carousel, it will reduce the carbon emissions produced by the aircraft. Additionally, if you plan on renting a vehicle while you're away, travelling lighter will lower the gas you consume – which will ultimately save you money and make getting around that much easier.

Try Eating Local

While big restaurant chains have all the classic and familiar menu items, visiting the the locally-owned spots for a meal is always a great choice. A lot of the time, they source their food from the area – so you're not only supporting the local economy, but are also contributing to a smaller carbon footprint compared to places that need to ship their items in from abroad. Who knows, you might just discover a new favourite flavour while you're at it.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

While theme parks, live performances and exploring the city are great forms of entertainment, going on an outdoor excursion can be just as fun and fulfilling. If you have some downtime in your itinerary, try scheduling one in. Activities like hiking in the woods, lounging on the beach and canoeing on the lake are all great examples and have no negative impact on the environment. Not to mention, you will find a new appreciation for nature and maybe a new hobby.

Bring Reusable Water Bottles

No matter where you are in the world, finding a reliable water source to stay hydrated is a must. Be sure to pack your favourite water bottle ahead of your next trip. This way you won't have to keep purchasing water bottles when making a pitstop or visiting an attraction. You'll feel great knowing that you aren't creating unnecessary plastic waste. Many reusable bottles maintain your drink's temperature as well – so if you're in a warm location, you'll always have an ice cold drink handy. 


If you've ever had the opportunity to explore the world, you've probably encountered some of our planet's must-see destinations and made memories that will last a lifetime. By following these tips and practicing them while travelling, you will help ensure others can enjoy the same. When you're ready to book your next getaway, make sure you contact a CAA Travel Agent. They too share a love for the planet and all the amazing places the world has to offer.

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