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February 2, 2022 | CAA Niagara


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CAA Niagara is committed to playing an important role in improving our community. We continue to challenge ourselves to think differently about how we can best meet Member needs today, and in the future. As we advance our green commitment, we understand Members may have questions. Read below for answers to commonly asked questions:

Why is the Spring 2022 edition of the CAA Magazine a digital exclusive?

To reduce printing and paper waste, CAA Niagara is piloting an online exclusive of the CAA Spring magazine. As we continue to evaluate feedback from our readers, we will decide whether a permanent online-exclusive magazine will replace mailed paper versions.

Will all CAA Magazine issues be offered online?

The Summer and Winter 2022 issues of the CAA Magazine are scheduled to be printed and distributed to subscribers’ homes, as usual. Members can access current and past editions of the CAA Magazines on our website. Click here to view all CAA Magazines.

Members can opt out of receiving a mailed paper magazine through their CAA MyAccount. Once logged in, navigate to My Membership to edit this preference. Members can also contact us by phone at 1-800-263-7272 to opt out.

Where can I recycle my used plastic cards?

You can stop by any of CAA Niagara’s five Branches across Niagara to recycle your old plastic cards beginning on February 1, 2022. Terracycle Zero Waste Boxes will be placed in the front entryway of each Branch. Simply place your plastic card(s) in the box. Cut up any cards with personal information, like credit cards and IDs, prior to recycling.

How long will the plastic card recycling program be available?

While our e-waste recycling program will only be available during the months of February and March 2022, our plastic card recycling program will be available at all five of our Branches indefinitely or until the Zero Waste Boxes have been completely filled. Upon being filled, the boxes will be returned to Terracycle, where they will transform the cards into something new.

I’m a CAA Member with an electric vehicle. Is CAA Niagara able to jump-start my car if the battery dies?

At this time, if your EV battery has died, one of our emergency roadside assistance drivers will tow your vehicle to a destination of your choice. We are actively looking into solutions that will allow our drivers to boost EV batteries onsite.

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