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December 8, 2020 | Erin Clarke



Having no one to travel with is one of the most frequently cited reasons that prevents individuals from traveling. Many times, solo travel is not even considered an option due to concerns about the trip being boring, lonely and unsafe. And yet solo travel can be one of the most rewarding ways to travel!

In recent years solo travelling has seen an increase in the number of Google searches online for ‘solo travel’ and #solotravel is currently associated with more than 5.2 million posts on Instagram. Traveling solo for the first time may seem scary and unusual, but you will find travelling solo allows you to open your worldview to many different cultures, backgrounds, ways of life and personal growth.

Our Travel Experts have compiled a list of just some of the benefits of travelling solo.

Meet New People

When you travel with others, you typically stay together and are less likely to put yourself out there to meet new people. When travelling solo you will find yourself more open to chatting with fellow travelers and locals, creating a more immersive travelling experience. On solo friendly group tours, one can experience an environment where everyone else is naturally more receptive to conversations as they too are on their own.




Redefine Your Comfort Zone

Solo travel can be used to push yourself in different situations you would not necessarily experience in day-to-day activities at home. You can gain valuable skills while building confidence in yourself.  From problem solving, conversation with others, trying new foods and activities all outside your comfort zone, you will feed your self-esteem. All these aspects help you realize you can achieve anything you set your mind to boosting your confidence.


Investing in Yourself

Solo travel allows you to free yourself to discover who you really are and explore what your true interests and passions are. You will see the importance of ‘me time’ appreciating your own company. Travelling solo allows you to invest in yourself and to indulge in something specific for you.

By learning about new cultures and different ways of living by yourself, you are rejuvenating your mind and allowing yourself some quiet time. An important aspect of solo traveling is reflection. While traveling by yourself, there will undoubtedly be some time for you to quietly reflect. This will leave you feeling refreshed when you return home. 



Increase Your Awareness

Feeling grateful is a part of working on yourself. When introduced to a new culture your knowledge will expand and it is likely that you will start questioning your problems, decisions or complaints. Traveling is one of the best educators. We often do not realize the comfortable lifestyles we have until found abroad and being exposed to surroundings out of our regular setting. This is not the case for every place you will visit, but, in general, traveling can leave you with a sense of humbleness. 


You can travel solo independently, and you can travel solo in a group. With Journeys by CAA Niagara, travelling solo does not mean travelling alone.

Whether you are on your own, married with a partner who does not travel, feel more comfortable in a group, or are looking for an affordable solo getaway; our group tours will be a perfect fit. Visit for more information on the program and tours. 

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