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September 27, 2021 | Devon Gribble


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CAA Niagara’s Travel Agents know a thing or two about exploring the world. They’ve touched down all over – visiting countless countries and unique landmarks. These experiences have not only led to amazing memories they have also fueled a passion for travel and seeing more of the world. Interested in learning more? Keep reading to get a better idea of their favourite spots and the destinations they are still dreaming of crossing off their bucket list.

European Experiences

No matter your age, budget or interests, there is something for you across the pond. This unique feature has given CAA Niagara’s Agents a chance to learn more about the likes of Austrian culture, German cuisine, Icelandic volcanoes, Italian hospitality and Portuguese architecture.

With so little time and so much to see, these agents also have dreams of visiting other European destinations. Two countries that come to mind are Ireland and Greece. This comes as no surprise as both countries are rich in history and stunning landscapes. CAA Niagara’s Travel Agents are also open to new forms of travel. While backpacking or taking short flights to a neighbouring nation are popular ways to see this continent, CAA Niagara’s agents want to experience it all. Opting in for a river cruise is of interest as it is a very convenient and relaxing way of getting around.

Agents with favourite destinations in Europe: Mahasti Khoshnoud (Germany), Margit Short (Austria), Jessica Maves (Portugal)

Agents with bucket-list destinations in Europe: Mandy Arnold (Multi-country river cruise), Honorine Veldmeyer (Greece) 

African Adventures

Another part of the world that has the attention of these agents is the continent of Africa. One country that is an all-time favourite is Egypt. A trip here can involve so many eye-opening moments. From touring inside the world-famous pyramids and temples to cruising down the Nile River, the time spent here will lead to unforgettable memories.

As is the case for many, our agents aspire of going on a South African Safari. With national parks and big game reserves spread out throughout the country, there are plenty of ways you can get up close to some of the world’s most amazing creatures. An animal lover’s paradise – an excursion like this is bound to give you a new appreciation and perspective on wildlife.

An agent with a favourite destination in Africa: Ron Vietgen (Egypt)

Agents with a bucket-list destination in Africa: Jessica Maves (South African Safari)

Impressive Islands

Sometimes the perfect vacation involves a little island time. Luckily CAA Niagara’s Travel Agents know all about that. Barbados and Bali are both examples of some of their favourites. Barbados is flush with beautiful flora and fauna and home to the Harrison Caves, which house formations of intriguing stalagmites and stalactites. Similarly, Bali’s amazing scenery consists of remarkable rice fields and ocean views that go on forever. The people are very welcoming and make your stay that much more enjoyable and relaxing.

The Pacific Ocean and beyond is scattered with various islands that agents are just waiting to visit. From Japan’s culture and food to New Zealand’s attractions and outdoor activities these island nations might be a bit of a trek away but are worth it in the end. There’s also the likes of Bora Bora and Hawaii – which are both smaller in comparison but offer amazing accommodations such as overwater bungalows and amazing works of nature everywhere you look.

Agents with favourite island destinations: Stephanie McCloy (Bali), Honorine Veldmeyer (Barbados)

Agents with bucket-list island destinations: Mahasti Khoshnoud (Japan), Margit Short (Hawaii), Ron Vietgen (New Zealand), Stephanie McCloy (Bora Bora)

As you can see, these agents have checked-in at a lot of different places. Some of them share similar experiences and dreams with one another and likely even share some with you. If you are looking for assistance in your return to travel, be sure to contact an agent and get ready to take on the world.

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