CAA Niagara announces “Big Boost” for community partners

August 13, 2020 | CAA Niagara


CAA Niagara has partnered with 18 local organizations to ensure
essential services continue to run during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The Big Boost program is a one-time extension of the Club's annual Community Boost campaign, where two charities are selected each year to receive funding, marketing support, and much more. The new Big Boost program sets out to help support charities in Niagara recovering from COVID-19 hardship directly. CAA Niagara will do this by donating $100,000 between 18 charities.  

Similar to CAA Niagara's Community Boost program, the Club focused on supporting four charitable sectors; community safety, social services, mental health and programing for children and seniors. Many of the supported organizations have been past applicants of the Community Boost program.  

117643254_3229571407080587_3670954080627834632_nYWCA Niagara was one of the first charities to receive CAA Big Boost funding.

"CAA Niagara has had the pleasure of working with many community partners over the years, giving our Club an insight into the impact this pandemic has on essential charities across Niagara," said Peter Van Hezewyk, President and CEO of CAA Niagara. "There are many great organizations that help our community every day. As a company that prides itself on supporting the community, it was an obvious decision to help."  

Organizations have seen a drastic decrease in funding and a halt on fundraising efforts this year due to the pandemic; however, many charities are seeing a significant increase in demand for their services.  

"While schools are closed, and physical distancing is required, we have modified our program to include a door drop delivery to ensure our kids are continuing to receive the food assistance they so desperately need," said Amber Hughes, Executive Director of Food4Kids Niagara. "CAA has been there for us every step of the way. They have provided funding that has allowed us to not only continue to support the children already registered in our program but also to be able to add 51 additional children that were in crisis and opening empty cupboards.” 

CAA Niagara is committed to continuing its support for local charities and is grateful for its Member's support.  

"CAA Niagara can help the community because of the support and encouragement from our employees and Members; without them, non of this would be possible." Added Mr. Van Hezewyk  

Many charities are still facing hardship due to the pandemic. Now, more than ever, it will require a variety of support from organizations, governments and individuals to help support Niagara's essential services.  

"As an essential service, Community Care has had "boots on the ground" since the onset of COVID 19," said Betty-Lou Souter, Chief Executive Director of Community Care St. Catharines and Thorold. "The complexity of issues faced by our clients and our ability to respond to their needs has been challenging, but due to the support of organizations such as CAA Niagara, our service delivery, although amended has been seamless, and those in need have not been left behind."   

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