Unboxing the Lil’ Explorers Adventure Pack

July 30, 2021 | Devon Gribble

Aerial view of Lil' Explorers Adventure Pack items

Summer often consists of hitting the open road for a little getaway. Whether you’re going across the country, heading to your cottage, or visiting one of your favourite attractions, the drive to and from your destination is usually one of the more memorable parts of your journey. You can now make these moments even better with a Lil’ Explorers Adventure Pack. Housed inside a durable metal box, these family friendly kits are a must-have for your next road trip. Keep reading to learn more about everything inside!

Rocky the Beaver

Introducing your new travel buddy. Wearing his favourite red t-shirt, Rocky loves to explore and go on all sorts of adventures. No matter where you find yourself, be sure to snap a photo of him while you travel and share it to Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #CAALilExplorers so everyone can see all the cool places Rocky has visited.

Cards, Games, Trinkets & Toys

Each Adventure Pack is filled with a variety of fun travel accessories, such as sunglasses, binoculars and a compass/carabiner. You also get a deck of cards, which are perfect for playing traditional and road trip themed games, as well as a gadget cube that will keep little fingers busy during downtime.

The good times don’t stop there though! There are four magnetic gameboards that kids can stick right on to the outside of the Lil’ Explorers box. Using their two dry erase markers, kids can challenge their family and friends all trip long. They can also flex their creative muscles as they dive into their CAA activity book. A set of eight crayons is also included to help them complete puzzles and games.

Discount & Savings

As is the case for most road trips, you are likely going to take some breaks along the way. Whether it’s a pitstop for food or a little sightseeing detour, taking some time to relax and enjoy the journey is essential. To make these moments a little easier, the Lil’ Explorers Adventure Pack comes loaded with coupons and discounts to CAA Rewards Partners and Attractions.

Now that you’re all caught up, it’s time to make the most of what’s left of the summer. If you plan on hitting the road with the little ones, be sure to stop by your nearest CAA Niagara Branch to pick up your own Adventure Packs. They are available to CAA Members for $19.95 and Non-Members for $34.95 (taxes to be added at time of purchase). Happy travels!

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